Home Inspection Services

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All inspections include the following:
NACHI Standard Inspection
Including drainage, sidewalks, driveways, decks, wall coverings, windows, paint, trim, yard walls, and fences
Roof, chimney and gutters
Inspection for damage, approximate age, improper installation and safety issues
Visible foundation and structural support systems
Including readily accessible structure, insulation and ventilation
Walls, ceilings and floors
Inspection for indications of structural or water issues
Including major functions of appliances and visual inspection of countertops and cabinets
Visual inspection of all doors and windows, and functional inspection of egress doors and windows
One furnace and one air conditioner
Including safety testing of the furnace (Tiff 8800 sniff test)
Visible plumbing to include water supply, waste system, and hot water heater
Electrical main service and readily accessible outlets
Includes removal of main panel dead front where feasible to inspect for safety issues and the presence of aluminum wiring
Common Safety Devices including ground fault interrupters, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors
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Home Inspection Pricing

The inspection fee depends on the size and age of the home, so please contact me for a firm quote.

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Continuous Monitor Radon Test

$135.00 with home inspection

$150.00 without home inspection

This test requires "closed house" (windows closed and doors closed except for entry and exit) conditions for 12 hours prior to and throughout the required minimum 48-hour test period. The continuous radon monitor test is considered to be the most reliable test for real estate transactions, because it includes features to prevent tampering. An additional feature of the continuous monitor test is same day results when the test is completed.

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Well Flow Testing

$75.00 with home inspection

$95.00 without home inspection

This test will determine the minimum available water volume for a 60 minute period from a home's water system. This test does not accurately indicate the recovery rate of the well. Recovery rate can only be accurately tested by well technicians with specialized equipment at the wellhead, which is time consuming and expensive. This test will verify the volume of water available from all sources, including the fill rate of the well, water stored within the well and water stored within any storage system. This is similar to the test that HUD and other government agencies require for homes that they provide financing for, where they need to confirm 3 gal/min on older homes and 5 gal/min for new homes for a 60 minute period.

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Water Quality Testing

$90.00 with home inspection

$110.00 without home inspection

This service will verify the existence of coliform bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, nitrites and nitrates. PH and hardness are also verified. The bacteria test is a culture test that requires 48 hours for completion.

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